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I've been in an accident - Now What?

  1. Do I have the right insurance policy before I have an accident ?
  2. Can I use this if itís a minor fender bender ?
  3. What do I do if I am involved in an accident ?
  4. Do I file a claim with my insurance company or the person who hit me ?
  5. What about rental cars, what are my rights ?
  6. What amount should I expect ?
  7. Does the type of accident matter ?

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Featured Article : CAR ACCIDENT SECRETS Know What to Do!

In publication since 1988 and now on its 5th revision in 2005 Car Accident Secrets has been providing the average person the tools they need to help successfully settle with the insurance companies. See how easy it is with REAL LIFE examples of actual accidents. Learn step by step how to settle. This is a straightforward easy to use manual that is not filled with information you donít need (books that have tons of pages doesnít mean they are helping, most of those books are useless jargon you will never need) . This manual contains what you may need in a quick easy to read and easy to use system. Donít be fooled by hard to read law written books. The main question to ask is: Do those books give REAL LIFE examples with CLAIMS THAT WERE ACTUALLY SETTLED IN REAL LIFE ?

When considering the car accident help that you can take advantage of, consider the source. You want to be sure that you are getting advice from a reputable provider and that the information is the most current that it can be. Remember too that no matter who does your claim for you, YOU are ultimately responsible for yourself and YOUR claim even if you go to an attorney. So why not be informed, know your rights and settle yourself. Now there may be instances when you absolutely need an attorney (and this is also discussed). You need to be INFORMED and this is a small price to pay to being informed about the task you do EVERYDAY Ė DRIVING. Even if you still choose to use an attorney, you should go to that attorney well informed and have plenty of questions to ask. This will help you do that.

This book was written by someone who has been in the insurance industry for many years. The author didnít even use an attorney to settle the real life examples in the book. It was all done quickly and easily just by following the steps in the manual. At only $19.99 (29.99 for hardcopy) it is a small price to pay to save thousands of dollars in attorney fees. The process is so simple and the attorneys would make you do the same work outlined in the manual, so why would you do all the work and pay them? The only small thing the attorneys do is outlined in the manual for you to follow. Itís so simple almost anyone can do it.

Get into a small fender bender? Well with todayís prices for car repair and how easily car partís crumple when they are hit. The accident could add up to thousands of dollars. Then you add in any pain and suffering you are feeling with being hit from behind (or in front) and your claim can hit 5 figures. Next you go to an attorney and he/she wants to take a third of your settlement. And what does the attorney do in most cases ? He/she will ask YOU to gather all of the information and keep track of everything. Since you are doing all the work shouldnít YOU get the ENTIRE settlement ?


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